Pamm account benefits

What are PAMM accounts?

Percentage Allocation Management Module (PAMM) is a sort of pooled money Forex trading in which investors pool their money with a professional trader (Money Manager) who buys and sells assets on their behalf.

Advantages of PAMM

What are the benefits of joining PAMM?

For investors, PAMM is the most convenient way to tap the Forex world without breaking a sweat. For managers, it is an option for long-term gains through successful management of investors' funds.

Become a PAMM Investor

The trading expertise of successful managers is a fundamental feature of PAMM Accounts for investors. It is 100% passive income and helps you spread risk by diversifying your assets over different PAMM Accounts.

Investor Benefits:

  • Earn money without having to be a forex trading expert.
  • Diversify risk by choosing one or more accounts, all managed by skilled traders.
  • There are no fees deducted if no statements are submitted.
  • Only the investor has access to the funds.
Become a PAMM Manager

A PAMM Manager Account can provide several advantages to more experienced traders. It allows them to serve as money managers and benefit not just from their own transactions but also from deals executed on behalf of the investors.

Manager Benefits:

  • Manage several accounts from a single account & scale your business at no additional cost.
  • Take control over your investments, allowing you to optimize your profits.
  • Complete protection of your trading intellectual property from being copied.
  • Take advantage of a performance-based pay plan.

How to Start?

Signing up for a PAMM account with CapitalXtend is a smart way to ensure you get the most out of your money. From beginner to seasoned pro, there’s something for every kind of trader in our PAMM Accounts.

  • 1.Create a live account in MyCapital
  • 2.Click on PAMM
  • 3.Register as Money manager or Investor
  • 4.Fill in the details & Register

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Deposits & Withdrawals

At CapitalXtend, we offer a seamless and secure option for deposits and withdrawals.

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